Why Prefab

There are many different reasons why one should purchase a prefabricated building. For one, they are very quickly built after ordering. Some companies claim that two men can build a 12” x 12” office, including all the necessary electrical wiring, within one 8 hour workday. When you look into using prefabricated offices, then you are looking into many choices. That’s one of the biggest selling points of these structures! These types of units are built with the purpose of being sold in mind, so the companies that build them are eager to do so to certain specifications. So in this area, modifications can be made to personalize the prefabricated building so that the user gets what he or she wants and needs from the model. You can also include exhaust fans for air circulation, thus keeping hearing and cooling bills down. Some can be bought with modifications built in, such as lockers, coat hooks, shelving, and more.

Our Products

We are offering all range of Portable Cabins that are suitable for all onsite requirements. These are the best possible solution of frequent use of buildings in different locations. These cabins are designed by a team of expertise engineers, architectures, interior designers, consultant and client.